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Forms Health Check


To ensure that every OyezForms customer is realising the maximum value from their forms system we have recently introduced a Health Check service. This process takes very little time and is a proven method of delivering the benefits of measurable time and cost savings.

Moving beyond traditional product demonstrations, this session allows us to understand a firm’s current working practices and to identify areas where our software can deliver further time-savings, mitigate against current risks within the process or address areas of concern for the users. Overall this ensures that the firm’s return on their subscription cost increases significantly.

This service is delivered by an experienced legal and software expert who will identify and report on addressing the key business challenges posed by the current usage of their forms package. In addition, we can supply hands-on training to ensure all users have a comprehensive understanding of Oyez key skills. By following this procedure, we have been able to save firms up to 10 minutes for each completed form.

There is no risk associated with this process. An Initial assessment and follow-up report will be provided at absolutely no cost to yourselves. 


Identifying and Reporting

  • Business continuity from previous application migrations or future migrations
  • Understanding the various versions of each form and when to use them
  • Automating parts of the form completion process
  • Expanding and Adapting Form Templates
  • Integrating Oyez with your PCMS/DMS
  • Potential GDPR and other compliance risk factors

Scheduled at a time convenient for you

  • Flexible structure with an initial group session that takes approximately 1 hour
  • All attendees will receive onsite Oyez key skills training
  • Department specific consultancy on a flexible basis throughout the day
  • Initial findings on key areas such as Process Automation, GDPR compliance etc. are reported back on the same day
  • The firm can also add to the assessment criteria if they want us to report back on specific items
  • A comprehensive report is provided within one week of the site visit

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