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Used & Trusted by 1000's of UK Legal & Professional Firms

Staying up-to-date with new legal technologies is vital for any successful law firm but in a deluge of choices, finding the best solution for your firm is not an easy matter. That's why we've taken a more collaborative approach.

Oyez provide specialist products and services to legal and professional organisations, including more than 75 of the UK's top 200 law firms. Our  objective is to deliver real value by using innovative technologies to develop solutions that transform the way legal practitioners capture, share and submit information.

Why are so many firms moving to OyezForms?



Oyez are a totally independent, UK owned provider. Our products integrate with almost all case & document management systems so we won't back you into a technology corner.



Our on-going development program covers both our current and future products. We guarantee your forms package will remain as relevant and reliable in the future as it is today.



Our customers have free, on-going access to our friendly support team. This non-ticketed service is fast and efficient and is very highly valued by all of our customers who consistently rate this service as 5 *****.

Fair pricing


Our aim is to offer our clients as much value as possible. That means providing the latest technologies, user friendly products, high levels of personal service and a fair price policy.


Working in co-operation with key clients has allowed our innovative, on-going development program to continue delivering new and relevant technologies to modern legal practices. We know that listening to what our customers need in the real world has been key to our success.

We do understand that the cost of change entails more than just finance. To ensure you choose the right forms for your firm we are happy to provide the tools you need to make a measured, informed decision in your own time and within your own working environment.

Oyez Forms

Our comprehensive library of advanced legal forms offers guaranteed compliance with automatic updates, easy access, enhanced formatting and unprecedented flexibility. >> More

Data Workflow

The Oyez range of data workflows offer users a much more efficient way to compile, insert and share the information required for the completion of the most complex multifaceted legal forms.>> More

Oyez Gateway

Developed to overcome the shortcomings of government submission portals, The Oyez Gateway offers a convenient, common platform for submission to multiple agencies >> More

Are you occasional user who requires forms in Paper of PDF format? Click to visit the OyezStore >>

To give you all the time you need to make an informed forms decision we offer free, 30-day system trials. Quick and easy to implement, our trials can run simultaneously with your current forms package.

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To allow you to appreciate the full functionality and ease-of-use of our intelligent workflow systems we are happy to provide you with a free 10-minute online demonstration.

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It's not necessary to be a current subscriber of OyezForms to benefit from the risk-management and efficiency features of The Oyez Gateway. Book your free, no-obligation online demonstration.

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Included in your OyezForms subscription is the benefit of free, on-going 5-Star support from our experienced, friendly helpdesk. You'll find our non-ticketed system is fast and effective.

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