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The UK's Premier Legal Forms


OyezForms provides a powerful, feature-rich forms system that offers a large number of advantages including easy integration with most case or document management systems. With increased flexibility and almost unlimited expansion capabilities, our comprehensive library of 2000+ forms work exactly the way you need them to.

Some of the features we offer include advanced search & navigation, time saving toolbar shortcuts and complex calculating capabilities. This enhanced functionality, in tandem with our automatic update feature, will save your firm hours of time whilst providing completed documents that are correct and compliant.

If you’re a regular user of legal forms who is looking for an innovative, dependable and fairly priced forms package, it’s time to take a closer look at what Oyez Forms has to offer.  We are happy to offer free, convenient online demonstrations and product trials.

Program Features

  • 2000+ Forms
  • Automated form library updates
  • Integrated forms editorial service
  • Powerful, instant Search Facility for form title or description
  • Open multiple forms at one time and edit, save and print
  • Auto backup and recovery
  • Integrated 'Send and Export to PDF’ feature
  • Key Property & Court forms available in MS Word format
  • Integrated Court, Registries & Local Authority database
  • Free, on-going, non-ticketed support
  • Case and Document Management compatible
  • Optional ribbon or standard Oyez toolbar format

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  • Automatic updates when linked to Windows scheduler
  • Powerful, instant search facility for title or description
  • Automatic shortcuts for frequently used forms (for each user)
  • Open multiple forms at one time
  • Tile and view forms side-by-side
  • Save multiple forms as a collection for easy tracking and retrieval
  • Send PDF automatically creates a PDF, opens Outlook and attaches form to email
  • Undo/Redo facility within fields to recover inadvertently deleted text
  • Auto Backup Recovery to recover Auto-Save text from backup file
  • Clause Library allows instant insertion of commonly used clauses
  • Formatting allows alignment, line spacing, pararaph properties, bullets, numbering or indents, any field, any form
  • Copy formatted text and reinsert into appropriate forms (eg transfers)
  • Optional ribbon bar or standard Oyez toolbar functions
  • Auto insert correct addresses for each office
  • Key forms available in MS Word format
  • Email bulletins (EFIS) advanced notification of changes and updates to all forms
  • Schedulable library updates that take place while users work
    • Oyez monitor failure to update library
    • Word templates managed by Active Library
  • Windows search integration
    • iFilters allow retrieval by form content
  • Case and Document Management compatible
    • ODMA compatible
    • COM, DDE automation
    • Macro scripting, trigger code from user events
    • Stable field labels for data targeting
  • Network optimisation
    • Server deployment
    • Optional smart caching
    • Msi roll-out
    • Works with thin-client technologies
    • WAN-specific configuration
  • Stable codebase
    • Backwards compatibility respected
    • Light footprint

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