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Staying up-to-date with new legal technologies is vital for any successful law firm but in a deluge of choices, finding the best solution for your firm is not always an easy matter.

Oyez is the first major UK forms provider that is able to deliver a comprehensive forms range as a desktop application or from the cloud. We’ve achieved this by working in co-operation with key clients who are willing to tell us what they need in the real world. Taking this collaborative approach has allowed our on-going product development programme to continue delivering new and relevant technologies to modern legal practitioners year after year.

Listening to our customers has been key to our success and it’s one of  many reasons why we’re trusted by 1000’s of legal & professionals firms, including a significant proportion of the UK’s Top 200.

Why are so many firms moving to OyezForms?


Oyez are a completely independent, UK-owned firm. Because our products integrate easily with almost all case and document management systems, choosing Oyez means you're not backed into a technology corner where you have limited system choices.

Our primary aim is to offer our clients future-proof solutions. That's why our on-going development programme covers both current & future products. We guarantee that any Oyez product you purchase will remain as relevant and reliable in the future as it is today.

Our clients have free, on-going access to our friendly support team who have a combined experience of more than 45 years. This non-ticketed service is fast, efficient and highly valued by our users who, when asked, consistently rate it as a  5-Star service. To ensure you make the right purchase decision, we are happy to provide free, no-obligation demonstrations and system trials. They allow you to make a measured and informed decision in your own time and within an  actual, real life working environment.


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