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Essential Efficiency Tools


This collection of time-saving process systems is a perfect accompaniment to your OyezForms package. They offer an easier, more efficient way to compile, insert and share the information required for the completion of the most complex, multifaceted legal forms.

These intelligent data workflow systems provide an extremely cost-effective approach. Not only will they save you hours of time, they will also significantly improve your internal efficiencies and risk management.

Fundamental support for the quick & easy completion of Financial Statements

The Oyez Word FormE is an intuitive, easy-to-use workflow system that was developed in flexible Word format to offer fast revisions, smooth navigation, automatic calculations and innovative insertion and duplication tools. Because the format is so easy to email and share with clients or colleagues it is ideal for efficient form collaboration.

  • Produced in flexible Word format, this system offers many time-saving advantages
  • Effortless navigation between sections and sub-sections for fast completion & easy revisions
  • Add rows, delete rows or insert blank rows at any point in a table
  • Duplicate sections to incorporate all required information sequentially
  • Instantly recalculates when asset values are updated
  • Creates chronology automatically
  • Convert up to 6 multiple currencies to Sterling
  • Child Benefit is automatically created and inserted into Income
  • When sections are completed the summary (A to L) is compiled automatically
  • Automatic preparation of Schedule of Assets

Re-entering divorce case details is time consuming and tedious

With our ingenious Divorce Workflow you enter the required divorce case data just once. You can then select the divorce forms you require, in your preferred format, before the data automatically merges into relevant fields across all required forms.

  • Simply enter the Client, Party & Case Details
  • Click the forms you need and indicate your preferred format
    (available in both standard Oyez Forms and Word format)
  • Entered information automatically flows into your selected forms

An invaluable aid for the Court of Protection specialist

This Oyez LPA workflow allows the LPA to be completed efficiently with minimal risk and is suitable for matters where there are up to 4 attorneys and 5 people to be told

  • Navigate to the Workflow section to edit and complete the details for:
    • Donor
    • Attorney
    • People to be told
    • Replacement Attorneys
    • Additional
  • Once the relevant details have been entered in the Workflow section, you can complete the appropriate LPA by clicking on the tab provided for Property and Financial Affairs, LP1F, or Health and Welfare, LP1H
  • Data entered into the Workflow will now flow into the relevant sections. Similarly for the LP3(PA) and LP3(HW)

Enter relevant data just once and avoid repetitive insertion of case details

  • An ideal accompaniment to our LPA workflow, the CoP Workflow will save you hours of time by eliminating the tedious process of typing repetitive case details into forms.
  • You simply tab through to fill in the relevant case details on the front page once. When required details have been entered, move to the bottom of the page and select the forms you wish to complete.
  • Upon opening, entered data will flow automatically into the relevant fields on the forms you have selected.

Easy navigation, self-calculating and instant population of schedules

  • This Data Workflow consists of the IHT400 and all of the IHT schedules, 104 pages in total. Every page is accessed from the Navigation template provided on page 1.
  • You can enter the details of the deceased on page 1 for instant population of all Schedules upon opening.
  • Asset values entered into the Schedules are automatically calculated, instantly updating the estate values.

Allows your Costs Draftsperson to produce Budget Costs quickly and efficiently

  • Ease-of-use and intuitive navigation
  • Familiar Microsoft Excel format
  • Automatic calculations throughout
  • Integrated Court Database
  • Add additional Fee Earners and Experts at the click of a button

An invaluable dataflow tool for deputies appointed by The Court of Protection

  • Includes Client Information & Significant Details sections
  • Financial Records section automatically tracks and calculates all payments
  • Automatic management of up to 2 bank accounts
  • Relevant details need to be entered just once
  • Covers pre-specified reporting periods & diarises significant decisions
  • Automatically completes the required OPG forms

A new way to produce Financial Orders in less time

  • Fast and efficient document assembly
  • Enter common data only once to auto-populate across the entire document
  • Simple, intuitive navigation throughout the form to take you instantly to the relevant section
  • Insertion options are offered in a dropdown menu format, no longer any need to cross out unwanted paragraphs
  • Easy to use and produces a concise final result
  • In flexible, familiar Word format

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