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The Oyez Gateway

Connecting Your Firm to the Future

The Oyez Cloud Forms package incorporates the rich functionality of our market-leading OyezForms desktop application but with numerous new features to improve control, efficiency and management. This includes a wide range of document format choices, time efficient data workflows and forms in Word format.

Forms delivered from this scalable, customisable platform will retain the look and feel of our standard forms package. Users will have access to the same functions, features and associated form products without having to spend time adapting to new features or work habits.

One of the largest advantages offered by Cloud Forms is the convenience of total mobility. Accessing forms through the cloud allows authorised users to access required documents from any location, using any web-enabled device. Because The Gateway provides a fully integrated approach, all Cloud Forms used for the submission of data have been updated to include a separate digital version. This makes it easy for users to identify and utilise the correct documents, in the correct format.

Only the delivery has changed. This forms package remains a powerful, feature-rich forms system that provides all of the features of the traditional package with advanced search & navigation, time saving toolbar shortcuts and complex calculating capabilities.


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